August 15, 2014

love to learn: pre-k

William started Pre-K this morning and he is so excited! When we had Meet the Teacher yesterday, I was looking around at all the other little kids in his class and they look a full year younger - partly because, well, they are almost a full year younger and partly because he's super tall. School started at 8:30 but he wore his backpack with his lunchbox in it for 30 minutes while waiting to leave because he was so excited. Fritz cried all morning about not getting to go and kept pointing to himself and saying, "Me, go? Please Mom!" It kind of broke my heart to see him so sad but I love having him home as my little buddy for a few hours.
Fritzy really wanted to be in this picture and was so happy to be standing next to his best friend, even if he did tearfully ask, "Where Will go?" every 20 minutes for the next hour after dropping his big bro off. Will loves his Herschel camo backpack and said, "Mom, take a picture of my cool packpack!" I did, Will, and you are so cool!


  1. So cute... and so grown up !!

  2. Wow, Fritz really does look like Marcus! And I can't believe Will and Clara are in the same grade. He really is a whole year older and a whole head taller than her!


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