August 20, 2014

life lately: according to my iPhone

I haven't been great at blogging lately. Must be something to do with having a newborn and running on zero sleep... Even though I've been printing my Instagram pictures off into Chatbooks (love those!), some of the pictures on my iPhone don't make it into Instagram and some are just too cute not to show again. They're not the best pictures cause my iPhone is old and has been dropped one too many times but whatever.
We went on a family date to Joe's Farm Grill a couple of weeks ago and I actually remembered to get a picture of me and the boys. That almost never happens - and we are all smiling! Success! I might have to grow a longer arm though so I can include the other two most important humans in my life to our family selfie...
Then there's this one of cutie, Louisa, and her Blabla doll that's almost as big as her. Ha!
I took the boys to the i.d.e.a. museum again in downtown Mesa. It's pretty fun and it's something for us to do that's in the air conditioning. They usually just play in the "little kid" area that has blocks and toys (and an arts and craft area that William always begs to go in and then instructs me how to make his craft for him) but this time we spent most of it in the "big kid" area. We found a black light camping room that no one was in and the boys loved being able to go into a dark room where their clothes lit up and they got to pretend to fish, light a fire, go into a tent and use their imagination. I got to sit on a bench and nurse a very hungry Louisa in peace so it was a win-win.
We've actually had some pretty epic monsoons (bless those!) and Fritz loves to go outside and run around in the rain. It's like watching my childhood happen to my kids! Now, where's my ice cream sandwich?
I have been trying to take pictures of my kids on Sunday mornings but have fallen off the wagon lately. So, here's this last week's and I'm dying at William's face in this one. Then, he requested that I take another picture in front of the "purple flowers cause they're so pretty"!
Only a few more months of summer and then we'll get into the nice season in Arizona - I can't wait!

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