August 14, 2014

the last of pinetop

I finally sifted through the 500 pictures I took in Pinetop last week. Digital cameras, man. They're great but boy is it hard not to take hundreds of pictures!

David left to go back to the valley on Sunday night with his sister, Beth, as they both had to get back to work on Monday. We were planning on driving home on Sunday afternoon as well, but the weather was so beautiful and the boys were so happy, that we decided to stay another couple of days. The boys were in heaven. Grandma Cindy pulled out the watercolor paints and let them paint on the table on the patio. She also gave them paint brushes with a little can of water and let them paint any and everything within sight. William had a great time painting a cinder block with acrylic paint and shoveling gravel into the little red wagon and gathering sticks. There were walks to "Bull Frog Pond" along the golf course, feeding nuts to the blue jays and squirrels on the back deck, another trip to the creek for rock throwing and wooden boat floating and every night Gramma told great stories to the boys before bed. I got to read my book and snuggle Louisa and enjoy the thunderstorms while breathing in that glorious rainy air. Pinetop is so dreamy.
snuggling with Gramma while watching the rain on the front porch.
Louisa relaxing in the morning light.
Dad and Lou snuggle early one morning.
"trip trapping" over the bridge.
the boys found some cattails at the pond.
walking back to the cabin along the golf course.
Anyway, here are the last of the random pictures from my phone and off my camera that I want to have for my blog book. I'm finally getting around to printing those suckers out - they take forever to edit!

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