July 21, 2014

birthday boy

Our little family spent the weekend celebrating David. It wasn't a "Pinterest" worthy celebration but the boys were involved in the decorations and planning, which made it special. William went to a birthday party in the morning so I took Fritz and Lou to Target with me to get supplies. Fritz helped pick out balloons and some honeycomb ball decor and I grabbed a pack of poster board and paint supplies. After Fritz was down for a nap and I had picked William up from his birthday party, I had Will make David a "Happy Birthday" banner for when he got home. He also wanted to hide out and surprise him when he got home from work but just couldn't wait in his designated spot for the remaining four hours... ha!
We went out to Liberty Market for dinner, since it's one of our favorite restaurants and since they give you a $10 credit toward your meal on your birthday. Such a deal for such a yummy dinner! Even though we had all three littles with us, it was still fun. Louisa was an angel baby and slept the entire time. Then we came home and opened presents and ate the strawberry cake I made. It was delicious! I wish I had written down the recipe as I was making it, but basically it's a buttermilk vanilla cake and I made a buttercream frosting with some strawberry puree blended in and sliced strawberries in between the layers.
On Saturday night we got a babysitter for the boys and went to Fleming's with a gift card that had been burning a hole in our pockets for almost a year. It was soooooo rich but delicious. I am still dreaming about their bread and butter! Why do carbs have to be so tasty?! Anyway, I think David had a good birthday even though it was low key. I think those are the best birthdays - where you're just with the ones you love most. Wouldn't you agree?

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