July 18, 2014


Today is David's 32nd birthday. There's not much for me to say that hasn't already been said about this wonderful man (and he doesn't like it when I gush) but I'm just so grateful to be married to him... so I will not be silenced! Ha! It's funny when I look back on when I was in the throes of dating in my early 20s. At the time, it was so hard - fun, but hard. I made some bad decisions about guys I dated. Some of them, while nice guys, were all wrong for my personality. Some of them were jerks and some of them were just plain ol' losers. I remember the night I met David and having a different feeling about him. I wrote about him in my journal and how he was just such a great guy. I was impressed with him right away and smitten really quickly. Even though we had some ups and downs between that time and when we got engaged, it was relatively pretty easy. No one can say that marriage is easy in general, but I think when you're married to someone who compliments your personality, and if you both really try to make each other happy, you can have a great marriage. Our interests and personalities are really different, and yet, I can confidently say that we are both dedicated to each other and our individual needs. David is great in many ways and I am so thankful to be spending my life with a person who is really nice to me. He doesn't coddle me but I am constantly impressed with his kindness (especially when I'm not being easy to love). He is the hardest working man I've ever known and is unceasingly happy. Life isn't perfect but his cheerful smile and gentle teasing always makes my day. Happy Birthday, my love!

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  1. loved this tribute to your husband and marriage. i love how real it was.


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