May 15, 2014


I used to roll my eyes just a little bit at all these "teacher gifts" I saw on blogs... until I had a child old enough for school. I mean, kids used to give their teachers little items (sometimes apples, sometimes snakes) so I thought it would be nice to give his preschool teachers something to thank them for all the love and work they've put into William this year. He has learned some valuable lessons, particularly social and confidence lessons, that have been so wonderful to see. I have seen him grow a lot in his confidence and interest in learning and I know it's through the patience and kindness of his teachers. I'm so glad that we found a preschool as great as this one.
I didn't want to get his teachers something totally useless so when I saw this idea, I knew it was perfect. I made my own version so I could customize it a bit (here's the link to the free printable) and I used these acrylic tumblers because they were the cheapest I could find (he has four teachers) but these are another great option. 
Living in Arizona in the summer means that hydration is vital and I know that these reuseable acrylic tumblers have been saving my life this pregnancy. I love to fill them all the way to the top with ice and it helps me drink so much more water! 

I filled them with the Trader Joe's brand of Emergen-C with a little note about my favorite way to use them (per my friend, Lela's idea). Pour one packet into the bottom of the cup and then fill with ice. Add about 1/4 cup of your favorite juice (I like peach nectar) and then carefully fill the rest with infused sparkling water (I use Trader Joe's berry) - pour slowly because it will fizz a lot. I like this better than any kind of soda out there and it has way less calories plus the added vitamins!

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  1. Soooooooo cool! I'm making a drinky drink stat! Love the printable :)


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