May 19, 2014


William was chosen to be "star of the week" at preschool last week. That means that he fills out a questionnaire of things about him and we make a poster of some of his favorite things. I also made some treats for him to take to share with his friends. When I picked him up from school, there were two left in the box and he said, "I saved one for you and one for Fritz." I thought that was so sweet.
Here's what William wanted to put on his poster. He loves dogs (no surprise there), his favorite movie is The Lion King (which was news to me), his favorite holiday is Christmas, his favorite food is broccoli (which is hilarious, but he says it every time someone has asked him for the last several months), he loves hiking (a new interest) and he loves racecars. He has loved preschool and I am glad that he has another year of it before he starts kindergarten. He'll be at a new preschool in the fall and we are hopeful that he'll love it and thrive just as much!


  1. What a little sweetie and what a cool teacher to give each child an opportunity to think about their personalities and share it with the class


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