May 13, 2014


Lately these boys have been making me melt every time I see them together. I know that every mother thinks her kids are the cutest... and I am no exception. I wanted to document some of the sweet and funny things they do so I won't forget. They're growing up way too fast for me to handle!!!!
- they are the best of friends. Maybe it's because I don't have anything to compare it to, but I think they play unusually well together. They really enjoy playing anything together and I think it's because their personalities really compliment each other. 

- whenever Fritz answers "yes" to a question, he bobs his head up and down and chomps his jaws together with each nod. We have no idea why he started doing this but it's hilarious(ly cute). 

- William is extremely helpful. I ask him to help me do little things all day (like, open the door, straighten the pillows on the couch, throw something away) because he is (usually) so willing to help. I am so grateful to have a son who enjoys serving in his family. When I ask him to do something, he'll usually jump up and say, "Sure!" It's so sweet and I hope he continues this behavior. 

- any time I give one of them a snack or anything to eat. They want a second slice of cheese, or another handful of crackers or a second gummy vitamin to share with the other. I love it.

- we often hear "Shark! (chomp) Gonna get you!" from Fritz. It's his favorite thing to say with big eyes! I love it so much and hope he never stops saying it (you hear me, Prom date?)

- Fritz loves to dip things (hummus, guacamole, ketchup, hot sauce) while William hates to dip (except ketchup). 

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