May 11, 2014

home is where your mom is

Since my parents live in England for the year, it's pretty expensive to send my mom any sort of package (and getting something for her is the greatest feat of all!). When I saw this saying, it completely represented my feelings towards my mother. We live in her house and this has always been my "home", but it just doesn't feel quite right without her in it.
I decided to pull out my acrylics and some art paper and paint this little 8x10 for her. I think she loved it and I was happy to have made her something that I felt like reflected my feelings about my wonderful mother and that she would like. It was fun to be creative and it made me laugh that even though I'm almost 30, I am still making my mother a homemade Mother's Day gift... though, I think this is better than one of those clay handprints! :)

When I called her on Sunday afternoon to wish her a Happy Mother's Day she said (in her typical way), "I'm looking at this beautiful painting from my beautiful daughter!" and started gushing. This is SO my mom. She is quick to compliment... and she means it. She thinks (and speaks) the best about people and that is one of her best qualities. I love you, Mom!


  1. So true! My parents live in the house I grew up in, and I moved a 90-minutes drive away. My husband still looks very confused when I tell someone we'll be going home for the weekend, and he's all 'but I thought we would be going to your parents?' :)
    It's a beautiful card!

  2. Love that little graphic. ;) So sweet. Happy mother's day to you and all the moms

  3. This is so beautiful. I would buy this.


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