December 16, 2013

dear santa

When I first became a mom, I was like, "Yes! Now we get to do all the cute, fun things I've always wanted to do as a mom!" Pretty soon I realized that there were two things holding me back from that dream. 1. Your kids don't start getting excited for holidays or magic or bedtime stories or whatever as soon as they're born. I had to wait a while. 2. I don't have the desire/energy to want to do all the cute, fun things that I dreamed about doing. I made an advent calendar this year but then I got too tired to put anything in the little boxes that I had hand painted. Lizzy needs to simplify. Oh well. William is starting to get to that age where these little things are really fun to do and if William is excited about something, Fritz is too (at least for five minutes) and that makes it fun.
The other day William wanted to write Santa a letter so we pulled out some markers and paper and he narrated what he wanted to say. His said, "Dear Santa, I have been a good boy. I want a fire truck for Christmas. I believe in you. Love, William". Then he told me what to write for Fritz, "Dear Santa, I would like a dog for Christmas. Love, Fritz". I guess he didn't think his baby brother had been very nice this year. Ha!

Then we mailed them and I don't know what will happen with the letters. Maybe we will have a nice mailman who will write back (I have met him a few times and he is very sweet) or maybe it's gone forever somewhere in the North Pole. We may never know.


  1. wow william is getting so long! merry christmas!

    1. Haha to "long"! That's a great description for a kid. :) Merry Christmas to you too!


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