December 17, 2013

shining star preschool program

Will's last day of preschool was today and they had a Christmas program for all the families. Each month of this semester they have a new theme and learned a coordinating song (i.e. September's theme was apples so they learned "Johnny Appleseed", December was Christmas and they learned a song about Jesus birth - just another thing I love about a private preschool! They get to do some things that align with our beliefs). Then they performed it for everyone which was fun to see them interact with their teachers and really learn about what they did this semester since William doesn't give me much info after school.
The whole program was very cute. William did all the actions and sang all the words. He was very excited to perform but he doesn't show hardly any facial expressions. If I was just observing I would think he hated it, but knowing my boy, I could tell he loved performing. He is adorable and I love him.
At the end of the program, Santa came and gave all the children a box of gumballs (which he has already eaten almost all of) and then the kids gave all their parents a gift which was a homemade Christmas ornament with their picture on it - a preschool classic! I am happy to have it. A lot of these crafts and activities are the same as when I was 4 years old because William's preschool teacher is MY old preschool teacher's daughter-in-law. It's very fun.
I'm really glad to have found a preschool that William enjoys and gets a lot of one-on-one attention with wonderful teachers.

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