December 15, 2013

HP Christmas

David and I went to his work Christmas party in Scottsdale on Saturday night. His company always throws a fun holiday party and this was our first year not going to the Laguna Cliffs Marriott. We missed having the beach right outside our window but the resort we stayed at was very nice too and the party didn't disappoint. I was crazy about the first course salad - it was delicious! Grilled corn, cherry tomatoes, black beans, cornbread croutons, cilantro and a really delicious Southwestern dressing. I want to try to recreate it this summer when corn and tomatoes are in season. All the people David works with are good people - they are generous, nice and friendly. We actually enjoy going and socializing with his co-workers... and I know a lot of people don't feel that way.

Every year (except our first year with the company when William was one month old) we have been lucky enough to have family babysit our kids, and this year my sister watched the boys for us. They had a great time and my sister sent some awesome pictures of Fritz getting his hair done in my niece's "beauty shop". Ha! He looks hilarious with that slicked forward hair.
It was nice to be able to not have to worry about putting our boys to bed and just relax in a nice hotel bed (that I didn't have to make in the morning), sleep in and relax with David. Even though it was 30 minutes from home, it felt like a little mini vacation. We feel really blessed that David has a good job with a great company. They treat us well and we feel grateful to have had another year of employment and growth. 


  1. You look absolutely babelicious! I want to see more pictures of your dress!! Text me some stat. Also, I want those jammies. Where can I get them?

    1. Oh thanks! My dress was OK. I had to just pull something I already had out of my closet and it wasn't anything exciting. The jammies however, are the best! They're from J.Crew and they're on sale right now!


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