November 4, 2013

will turns four

William's fourth birthday was on Saturday and he had a great day. We took him to Peter Piper Pizza (kind of like Chuck E. Cheese's) and he had a really great time playing the games and was very happy to trade in his tickets for a couple of racing cars. I haven't been to one of these places in years and years and it was fun to see him so excited. I wish I would have brought my nice camera but these iPhone pictures will have to be the documentation for him.
Then we put Fritz down for a nap and took William to see Planes at the dollar theater. It didn't get very good reviews but he really wanted to see it. Maybe it's because I had such low expectations, but I thought it was cute and William really liked it!
David's parents got him a toy plane, which was Dusty from the movie. He loved it - especially since we had just seen the movie a few hours earlier! David and I got him a Gears set and so far, it's been a hit! He is crazy for Legos and anything that he can build. Then, my mom gave him one of her famous GrandMary candy bar/toy posters. She has over 40 grandchildren and she makes all of them one of these on their birthday. It's really cute and she has to get pretty creative. This one says: Happy Birthday dear William! Somebody "toad" (stuffed toad) us you are "4" (four M&Ms)! "Do You No" (mini-domino set) in a "bunch" (Crunch bar) of months, you will be "5" (puzzle for age 5+)? Now that you are "way" (Milky Way) big, you can "kick" (Snickers) a "football" (toy football), and "fly a kite" (kite in a box) 75" (toy ball that says "75") high! Everyone in the city will watch William's kite get the kitty! (This one was hilarious because she got him this Lego "city" set with a "kitty" in a tree) We love you William! Grandpa and GrandMary
Sunday night was dinner at my parents' house and I made a cake so he could blow out his candles. He doesn't love attention and wouldn't crack a smile the whole time, but that's OK. I know that he felt special with my enormous family singing to him loudly. Happy birthday sweet boy! I sure love you and your funny personality that challenges me and makes me so happy!


  1. Happy Birthday William.

    (cute Halloween costumes)

  2. Happy belated birthday cute William! :) PS: You look so pretty!

  3. Happy Birthday, William!

    I think daddy loves to play the game too (-;

  4. Happy birthday to William!

    My mother has the same plates as you (or your mom)!

  5. Happy birthday to William!

    My mother has the same plates!

  6. Does that ball say 75 ft!? Happy Birthday William!


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