September 16, 2013

the piggy bank pays off

For the last almost four years, David has been saving up for a road bike. Every time he had an extra few dollars, he would stick it in an envelope and put it away. A couple of times he had to use some of it to pay for a car issue or something but he kept plugging away. When we moved to Arizona he finally had enough saved to buy a bike but he wasn't sure if it was the right time to buy one since summer was just starting and it would be horrible weather to ride in. A couple of months ago, though, he signed up to do a half Ironman and needed a bike for that so he decided to go for it. He spent hours researching what kind of bike would be best for his 6'4" body and what equipment he would need. He totally geeked out on the best helmets, shoes and other gadgets. Then he waited for the Labor Day sale and got the bike and all his gear (including those nifty matching water bottles) for less than the money that he had saved up. He is so happy. Every Saturday, he has gone on at least a 50 mile bike ride (last Saturday it was 70) and he loves it. I'm so happy to see him happy. He works hard, long days and he deserves this. Doesn't he look thrilled and sweaty and attractive? :)


  1. Good for him! I have a friend in Mesa, Denten Robinson, who is big into triathlons. Maybe they will cross paths someday.

  2. That's a great bike. Wish we lived by each other now. I am doing the same thing. I bought a mt bike first and am now saving for the rd bike. I'll have to talk to him as I am a 6'6" in frame and the rd bike options are limited. Nice bike my friend.

  3. Congrats, David! Now bring your bike & come visit :) We've got some great rides here in the Bay Area!

  4. My boyfriend also spends Saturday mornings on his bike. Like you said, it makes me happy to see him happy.
    We are going on a two week trip to Denmark on Saturday - and your Copenhagen post "convinced" me that we have to spend three days in Copenhagen. Looking forward to it :)
    ~ Vera from Germany ~


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