September 18, 2013

new eats

This Friday we ventured out to try some new places in our area. First, we went to SoCal Fish Tacos. This is not the first taco joint in town but these are not your typical greasy tacos smeared with guacamole (mmmm). The best parts of this place were the rad design, outdoor patio (which I'm sure we'll enjoy when the temperatures drop below 100), their perfectly seasoned pinto beans and the cod tacos. The rice was pretty great too - throw cilantro and lime in rice and you've got a winner! I think we would go back there again but, if I'm being honest, I really like Joyride Taco House across the street a little better. Definitely worth a second shot, though.
Also, my boys are cute even when Fritz is putting his grubby hands in our cups to fish out the ice.
The other night we took the boys for some "gelati" at Rita's Ice. Several years ago when David and I were dating, we went to D.C. We stayed with my brother and his family in Maryland and they recommended their favorite place for a summer treat nearby: enter Rita's. We loved it but never got to partake again since we heard they were strictly an East coast place. Then, recently, David found out that one had opened not too far from us in Tempe so we took the boys. I thoroughly enjoyed my mango ice with vanilla custard. David liked his pear/blue raspberry combo. Have you ever been to Rita's? If there's one close by, I recommend it!
classic, daring Fritz.


  1. We have Rita's all over here. And they are good. We don't have any you can sit inside at they are all outdoor seating and walk up windows like a snack bar.

  2. We have Rita's all over around here. We only have them with outdoor seating though. It is almost like a snack bar type set up where you go to a window and order. Then sit at tables with umbrellas outside.

  3. hahaha thats my friend scott wiping his brow in that patio shot! too good.

  4. There was one a few miles from where I live (Memphis). I went once and had some DELICIOUS black cherry gelato--or something of the sort! Unfortunately, it wasn't in a great location, so I never thought about going there when I needed ice cream. They finally closed down this past year, and now I'm sad that I can't go!


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