September 11, 2013

make 'em laugh

William and Fritz are the best of friends. People told me how great it would be to see my kids playing together, but this? This incredible love they have for each other? The rough housing, the smiles across the room, the hugs throughout the day, the "come play with me, Fritz"s, the complete looks of adoration and affection? It's almost too much. There's this really fun dynamic between my boys. They wrestle all day long and it's usually Frederick who initiates it. He can take a foot to the face better than anyone I know and doesn't even bat an eye. He just gets right back in the ring.

William's role in their relationship is the protector (of Fritz and the toys). He also loves to read books to him, get him drinks and tell me when he needs something. Fritz's role is pure comedy. He can make William laugh harder than anyone else... and Fritz LOVES to perform. He will do anything to get William to laugh and when he does - the look on his face is pure gold. I took this video of William cracking up at Chipotle a few weeks ago. Fritz was in his highchair dumping something on his head (probably rice) and then he would look at Will and watch him erupt into full-blown hysterics and do it again, always with the same result. It was really entertaining to watch. I love this blossoming relationship. It does my mama heart good.


  1. So cute! My children are the same way and it is such a wonderful blessing.

  2. How adorable....nothing better than a child's laughter.

  3. That laugh is sooo adorable!! I've never hear will laugh so hard! I love it!!

  4. His laugh is so cute. It melted my heart!! I get to teach sunbeams in my ward, and when they laugh it just makes the day that much brighter! It's the best sound ever!


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