August 20, 2013

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William had to go during a drive up in the mountains. This picture of his little buns makes me laugh every time.
Meanwhile, Fritz sat in his box for fun.
And poured a bag of panko breadcrumbs on the floor (also for fun) and tried to look innocent.
William learned how to wrap his baby in a blanket, feed a bottle and put him to bed while saying "Shhhh, it's ok baby."
I took the boys to Barnes & Noble to play with the train table because it was 115 degrees that day and if I have to entertain my children in our house for one more day, I am going to give up on life. They loved it. #momwin
I made this new lunch and loved it. Whole wheat flatbread spread with hummus and topped with pea shoots, cucumbers, tomatoes and freshly cracked pepper.
I also made these zucchini coconut noodles and the entire time we ate them, my mom said, "Mmmm! These are so good!" with every bite. It was a total "Bob" moment. :)
And my favorite chickpea curry quinoa burger with grilled pineapple. 
I combined these two recipes to make a lemon vanilla cake with coconut glaze and served it with fresh peaches and blueberries for Sunday dinner.
And I took the boys to the mall to run an errand and they were so good that I forked over $4 so that William could ride the train that he so desperately wanted to.

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