August 21, 2013

ranch with friends

Today we are heading back to the ranch for the rest of the week, with friends this time! I can't wait! Lela and her family drove over last night and Stephanie and Parker will be coming the next day. I'm so happy that I get to see my girls and their families again but it'll especially be fun at the ranch with wide open spaces, lots of talking in the kitchen, staying up late playing games, shooting off fireworks, roasting marshmallows and just being together. Hooray for fun! We've had it a lot this summer and I'm ready to end this one with a bang!
via sister-in-law, Ashley.


  1. I absolutely love your blog posts and the photos of your 'three boys' (:

  2. So so sad I'm missing this one...fomo major going on over here! Have fun!!


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