August 16, 2013

conquering swimming

William took swimming lessons from my niece, Jamie, this summer. I'm not gonna lie, it started out pretty rough. The first day, he cried for a solid hour while he got dressed, ate breakfast and drove to Jamie's parents' house. Then he screamed through the entire 30 minute lesson and refused to get even close to the water. Finally, he put his feet in for a minute but cried. I knew things would get better but it was kinda stressful.
The next day was a little better but still lots of crying. After some time passed (like a week) and some bribery (um, I mean "incentives") he finally was at his lessons without crying. I was incredibly proud of him by the end of the month because he was swimming like a champ. He's still working on that tricky coordination of arm and leg movement but he keeps his head in the water and gets to where he needs to go. I feel a lot safer living in Arizona, where everyone has a pool, knowing that if he fell in the water he would know how to swim to the safety.

These pictures were taken the last day of his lessons. He's still a little too nervous to jump off the diving board. He did it once with some help but there's always next summer!

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  1. He really came along way! Thanks to Jamie's skills and the cute girls in his class, I'm sure. :)


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