July 11, 2013

summer in seattle: waterfalls + dumplings

As soon as we got back from camping, we unloaded the car and left Stephen and Leone to give them a break while we drove to Snoqualmie Falls. It was really beautiful and good for the boys to get plenty tired out from running around (or in Fritz's case, from chasing dogs). We walked around the lodge (Salish Lodge) which was really beautiful. I am determined to stay there some time with David.
Again, my boys need lessons on how to be photogenic. They are plenty cute but I cannot get them to smile for the camera. William says "cheese" pretty well but doesn't get the "look at me" part! And Fritz is constantly on the move - oh well. The lighting was perfect and this is what I got.
That evening Leone's parents came over to babysit the kids so we could go to dinner just as adults. It was really nice! We went into Bellevue to go to Din Tai Fung for dumplings. It was so delicious. Like, so so so good. We had to wait over an hour to get a table but it was well worth it. Plus, we just walked over to the Tesla store while we waited. I am converted!
the best part were these spicy wontons.
(so good) garlic green beans
Then we headed back home and went straight to bed to try to make up for our previously horrible night sleep so we could be semi-rested for church the next day.


  1. So! You are a way better photographer than I, but I saw a great tip recently that is worth a million bucks. I wish I could remember who recommended it, but I don't! Anyway, tell your kids to laugh. They'll start fake laughing and it's way too corny, but the great thing about laughing is it's contagious, and soon they'll be real laughing, and you can get some incredible, lighthearted, real shots. I prefer it SO much more than the old 'cheese' standby.

  2. I have 5 kids 7 and under and I've just decided good posed pictures aren't going to happen. I might try that laughing thing though.

  3. Agh! Love the falls! All these posts are almost making me want to move back...almost. I wish so bad we could find good chinese food in SD. I guess we always have tacos. *Sigh*. I'm with you on kids and taking pics. I feel like a freak show trying to get their attention! Anywho, lubb you Lizzy Lou!

  4. The Salish Lodge is every bit as amazing as it looks! And Costco usually has special packages that are such a great deal. I live in the same area as your brother (well, Redmond, actually) and I really loved reading these recaps!


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