July 12, 2013

summer in seattle: market + goodbyes

The next morning we woke up early and got ready for church before we headed to Pike Place Market - our happy place. Pike Place is totally cliche, I guess, but it's one of those things that tourists and locals alike love. We bought some peaches that I was so happy to bring home to Arizona with me to savor the trip a little longer. David was determined to find some dried strawberries that my cousin had bought when we were in Seattle for Stephen and Leone's wedding in 2007. After searching a few different vendors, we found them but they only sold huge bags so now we have a giant bag of dried strawberries. I'm not complaining or anything...
watching the cheese making at Beecher's.
Then we went to church straight to church and then headed back to the house to get packed up. As we finished loading the cars, Beck and William were playing with their balloon animals and I told Will to say goodbye. They were concerned about when they could play again and I reminded them that in just a few weeks we would see them at the ranch for Bluewater Days. Then they hugged and kissed each other and I died from the cuteness. Can't wait to bribe them with this picture when they're teenagers! Ha!
The flight home was rough. First, some lady scared me to death at the airport by calling security at the check-in and telling them she had seen something "sketchy with batteries" in the garage. Then the boys were tired and hungry, Fritz's ears hurt and it was passed his bedtime. Plus I knew we had 100+ degrees to greet us and that made me grumpy after a week in beautiful Seattle. But then Fritz fell asleep and we landed safely and all was well. Don't worry - this ends my Seattle posts.

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  1. I could just inhale that lavender! Pikes place is da best. So glad you had a lovely visit...now hurry and get here!


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