July 10, 2013

summer in seattle: camping

We got to the camp site at Ensign Ranch around 6 p.m. and set up the tents. The little boys had their own tent and Stephen, Leone, David, me, Margot and Fritz all slept in another. We were like little sardines in there but we lived to tell the tale! William was giddy with excitement. He was so obviously thrilled to be on this camping adventure. When we told him we were going to Seattle we started telling him what our activities would be. When I got to the camping part, his eyes lit up and he talked about it several times a day. Now that we're home he plays "camping" on the ground with blankets all the time. I guess we need to take him more . . . when it cools down!
I love this picture so much. I feel like it really represents the relationship between these two boys. William looking at Beck with such admiration and Beck just being fun and leading William around. They also had a great time roasting marshmallows for s'mores (with Nutella, of course, although it was really the cocoa almond spread from Trader Joe's). 

Meanwhile, I snuggled it up with my baby boyfriend before I unsuccessfully tried to put him to bed in the tent before it got dark (which is at 10 p.m.!).I tried sharing a sleeping bag with him and that was a nightmare. He promptly kicked me out as soon as I got in. But I'm a nice mom and let him sleep.
The next morning we pulled out some breakfast burritos we had made ahead of time and heated them up on the fire and then packed up our stuff before we did our activities for the day. First on the agenda was horse back riding.
Will was really excited and hopped right on "Tia" so that David could lead him around while I took pictures. I didn't get many great ones while he was riding because Fritz started going crazy and trying to get to the horses. Margot didn't want to take her turn riding so they let me put Fritz on for her time. He loved it but hated the helmet I made him wear so he didn't last long.
After horse back riding, we walked over to the lake right by our camp site. They had canoes that we could ride for free so we hopped in with the boys and David rowed us around while I held a very tired Fritz. He eventually fell asleep in my arms. It was really peaceful!
As we got to this little bridge on the pond, David asked me if I wanted him to find a flock of swans on the pond so we could have a Notebook moment. I was like, "let's ditch the kids and then, yes!" Haha!


  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Every blogpost I do read with so much pleasure, enjoying the photos of your lovely family. Thank you for sharing!
    Greetings from The Netherlands,

  2. SOOOOOOOO, how'd the flock of swans turn out?!? Too funny! SoCal is seriously lacking in the cool camping spots department. I keep trying to tell Sean I refuse to camp in a pile of dirt. I need lakes and trees and mountains and canoes!! Great pics my dear :)

  3. Ooooh...you know the locals refer to that as Leech Lake, right? I have a very bad memory of the leech that found me in that lake years ago while attending girls camp. Your pictures sure make it look nicer than I remember it!

  4. I'll be at Ensign Ranch for YW Camp in three weeks - it's my happy place! The girls love those slow-moving horses ;)

  5. So beautiful! The green trees, canoes, horseback riding, campfire...it's all so picture perfect! Oh and I want a notebook moment rowing on a lake with a flock of swans...sign me up!! ;)


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