July 9, 2013

summer in seattle: berry picking

The next day we woke up and headed to Remlinger Farms to pick berries. Ever since we picked strawberries in Carlsbad when William was a baby, I've been crazy about it. It was such a beautiful day and the drive out there was stunningly beautiful. As we were driving through the most breathtaking neighborhoods and fields and mountains, I told David that I feel like the Pacific Northwest is as beautiful as England - which is a big deal for me to say. I want to move there really badly.
Fritz was finally starting to feel a little better. His scrunched up nose in this picture is evidence that he was on the mend. Hooray! I love snuggling him in my Ergo.
the best ones of the day.
I was wishing I could get a "normal" picture of William where his tongue wasn't out or his hands weren't where they were supposed to be (oh, little boys) but then I realized - this IS normal. So there.
Fritz's favorite thing to do was pick apart each tiny raspberry seed and force feed it to me. It was cute at first... :)

"Here mama, taste it!"
Here is Fritz running after a dog. He was halfway across the field before I turned around. What is with my boys and dogs?!
I love Margot. She seriously wore these sunglasses almost every single minute we were there. It was hilarious and I was thoroughly entertained by her.
After berry picking, we headed back to the house and grabbed some Indian food for lunch and put the two littles down for naps. When they woke up we packed up the cars with camping gear and headed out to our camp site - this was the highlight of the trip for William who had been talking about camping with Beck for weeks. It was really fun and deserves its own post so I'll blog about that tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful kids! As a Mesa girl who lived nine years near Tacoma, those gray overcast skies look so familiar as do those amazing berries! (After nine long, rainy, gray winters and springs I was ready to leave for the sun again!)Good for you in getting out and experiencing the places you visit! May I ask you what kind of camera you use? Your photos are so bright and sharp. I want to improve my photography skills and get some crisp, clear pictures like that! ;)

  2. I'm so glad you were here during one of the most consistently nice summers ever. It's been glorious! Oh and my nieces and nephews call Remlinger Farms "Old Man Rinker's Farms." Makes me laugh every time...

  3. Your trip sounds awesome and is making want to visit my brother in Tacoma....
    But, I have to know where you got your sunglasses - love them!

  4. Your trip sounds awesome and is totally inspiring me to visit my brother in Tacoma.
    But, I must know where you got your sunglasses - I love them!


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