July 25, 2013

my daily plant-based lunch

I am not a creature of habit when it comes to food. I hate eating the same thing every day, even more than once a week is sometimes too much for me. But THIS... I can eat this every day... and I pretty much do. It's vegan, filled with nutrients and protein and incredibly satisfying. The biggest change I've noticed since I've cut out animal products is how much my sugar cravings have subsided. I wasn't expecting that but it's really nice. In this season of delicious summer-time fruit though, sometimes I'll have a small bowl of berries along side for dessert. Here's how you make this delicious hummus and avocado open-faced sandwich.
1 slice whole grain or sprouted grain bread, toasted
1/4 avocado
2 tablespoons red pepper hummus (I like Trader Joe's but I have a great recipe I'll share soon)
a handful of sprouts, washed and dried (I like broccoli or alfalfa best)
3 slices of tomato
4 slices of cucumber (not pictured)

Mash avocado onto toast and then spread on hummus. Assemble sandwich with the rest of the veggies and grind a few cracks of pepper on top.


  1. I do a sandwich like this - it's heavenly. I'm the same way. I need variety!
    My version has swiss cheese, though. I'm sure it would be equally fabulous without it... ;)

  2. I used to always use red pepper hummus for my sandwiches, but once I made it with TJs Mediterranean hummus and I've never gone back!

  3. looks and sounds wonderful. still, i'm always stymied by an open-faced sandwich: how do you eat it??

  4. Ate one for lunch and dinner after seeing this yesterday...so yummy. I added fresh basil. Nichole, you can add a piece of lettuce on top if you like. The idea of open face for me is to reduce the carbs...delicious! Please post your hummus recipe soon. Love your recipes!

  5. I ate one for lunch and one for dinner yesterday...so yummy! I added fresh basil, delicious! Nichole, you could add a piece of lettuce on top for easier eating. The idea for me of open face is appealing as I don't need the carbs from another piece of bread. Please post your hummus recipe soon! Love your cooking!

  6. Your foodtography is the BEST! Soul sister this could totally be my daily lunch, too!

  7. Oh yes this looks so good! Thanks for the recipe. I will make this using my favorite bread, Dave's Killer Bread. I bought a loaf last month & it is absolutely the best bread I have ever had. They sell it at Costco now. I sound like an advertisement, sorry, but it's soooo good! I think you should send Dave your recipe.


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