July 29, 2013

beach days: part one

Our summer of traveling is still going strong! We are having fun but it's taking a toll on our sleep! My boys are being troupers though and have acquired some pretty awesome tan lines. The last week and half was spent in San Diego visiting friends and family. We stopped at Lela's house first and stayed there a few days while her husband was out of town for work. It was crazy with 6 boys under one roof but we had fun as we always do. There was lots of swimming, playing and rough housing (and sometimes fighting).
Just look at the little hint of his bum tan line. I'm jealous. :) I made some party favor tags and signs for Kristi so she could throw Ollie a 2nd birthday party by the pool. He loves trains so she had a train ice cream cake and kept it simple. He's such a cutie!
Lela and I are amazing and got all our kids ready for church without the help of our husbands and even made it on time for 9:00 church! We are amazing. Oh! And I can't forget to mention that William slapped Zane so hard in the face during the meeting that you could hear the slap echo in the chapel. I was mortified. We need to sing "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" a little more in our house, I think. At least they looked cute, though. And somehow Zane and William still love each other.

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  1. Ha ha! The slap that was heard throughout the chapel! They really do love each other. We've got to figure how the introvert and extreme extrovert can live peacefully together. Thanks for coming and keeping me company...and making whole wheat waffles...and helping me with my kids...and being awesome. Love you!


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