July 30, 2013

beach days: part two

After spending a few days at Lela's we headed over to the Beach Cottages for David's family reunion. They stay at the same place every year (for over 30 years) and David has many happy memories there. William had a good time digging in the sand with Aunt Beth, sharing a bed with Grandpa Bob and eating his fair share of treats.
observation hill.
probably bossing around Aunt Bethy.
it's always cold enough at the beach for a big quilt.
Fritz loved the water. He would run into the waves and let them crash over him and would tumble around in the water (while I promptly ran for my/his life to rescue him). Every time he did this, I was sure he was going to freak out and cry. Nope. He went right back in and did it again. And again. He's a little fish. I dream of the days when the beach was relaxing and I could read a book and take a nap.
Fritz and Noelle (David's cousin, Susan's, daughter) play in the sand.
Fritz enjoyed giving me a heart attack any chance he got. David's family always stays on the third floor so I brought a baby gate so he wouldn't try to go down the stairs. Yet he still found a way to freak me out by climbing on the patio chair so he could get a better look at the beach. Don't worry - Grandpa Bob was close by while I took this picture and he couldn't really get over the railing but it was still scary.

David had to work and wasn't able to come until Friday. We missed him terribly. You should have seen the reception party in the parking lot when he arrived. And later, they had a big hugging party and it was so cute. We love him!
Every year, David's entire extended family has a BBQ one night at the beach and this year I thought I'd bring a new dish that I am obsessed with. Lela introduced me to her friend, Erin, when I was visiting last time. Her husband is from Denmark and they lived in Copenhagen for the last four years and recently moved to San Diego. They make this fruit salad all the time and said that in Denmark, everyone eats this pretty much every day. It's not really a recipe per say, because they just use whatever is in season, but it is so addictive! All you do is cut up whatever fruit you have (I used strawberries, blueberries, grapes and apples) toss it with freshly whipped cream and stir in finely chopped dark chocolate. I use the Trader Joe's dark chocolate truffle bar. It's not exactly a vegan dessert, but I'm not perfect. :) I do plan to try this with whipped coconut cream. I think that would be delightful!
If there are stairs nearby, Fritz will find them... just like any self-respecting 15 month old should. He's a handful but I love him so much.
We took lots of jogs along the beach and stopped at the nearby park on the beach so Fritz could chase the seagulls around and spill his bag of snacks so they would chase him around and I could be thoroughly freaked out and disgusted. I hate birds, if you didn't know.
On Saturday morning, we took David's parents and sister to Snooze because, well, it's the best breakfast in town.
On Sunday, we got to attend baby Leo's blessing. he's such a cute little chunker. Kristi and Dan make adorable kids. In fact, I think all my friend's kids are really cute!

And then on our way out of town we had to stop for lunch at Burger Lounge to get a quinoa veggie burger. Burger Lounge is my favorite burger on the planet and I miss it so much. I will dream of it until the next time I'm in San Diego. The end.


  1. Fritz cracks me up! Indy is sitting on my lap as I read this and he's waving and saying "Elllo Itzzz."

  2. Love your blog and your recipes. Found this one for quinoa burger I am going to try:http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/quinoa_veggie_burger.html

  3. Love your blog and your recipes. Found this one for quinoa burger I am going to try:http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/quinoa_veggie_burger.html


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