June 6, 2013

mumford & sons

The other day I got an e-mail from David's sisters which said that they had got us tickets to the Mumford & Sons concert as an early birthday present. We were so excited! I haven't been to many concerts so it was a fun treat to do something like this. We're also really blessed to have live-in babysitters (since we live with my parents right now) so it was a great situation all around!
The concert started at 7:30 and I was getting anxious for Mumford to come out during their opening act. I was laughing to myself about how I am pretty much an old lady. I muttered to myself about how the musicians were dressed in ratty t-shirts, how it was too loud and I was too hot. Then as soon as Mumford came out, everyone stood up in excitement and I groaned that people were going to stand in front of me the whole time. Once it started though, I got so excited about their musicality. Seriously, those dudes are awesome. They only said about 20 words the whole time in between songs (including a mandatory jab about the heat here) but I didn't mind because the music was fantastic. I could have listened to them for hours. Thanks Beth and Elise for the tickets! It was a great surprise!


  1. David's sisters ROCK!!! That is the coolest gift ever. I'm so glad you got to go...glad SOMEBODY I love got to go. It was going to be a travesty if they came to town and no one got to go!!!

    ...Your old lady comments are cracking me up. I love my old soul friend :)

  2. So awesome you got to go Liz! And you look beautiful!


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