June 10, 2013

tuck it up and suck it in

Saturday night was date night with Erin and Steve! It was good fun and we went to Tuck Shop for dinner. It has a really cool retro, school-room vibe that I really liked. I'm pretty sure it used to be a bank though because there was an old safe in the wall. Also, I realize that I post about food a lot. It's a little embarrassing but I love to remember what we ate because that's all part of the fun of the evening! Hence this is why pretty much all these pictures are of food. I don't eat like this all the time so I like to take pictures of it to remember the good times. Ha!
Also, Erin is pretty. Am I right or am I right?

Tuck Shop is family-style, comfort eating and it was gooooood. We ordered jalapeno cheese curds (the mostly heavenly naughty thing I've had in a long time) and duck tostadas with plum roasted au jus, red cabbage, jicama and cilantro.
We also shared mac and cheese with prosciutto and herbed breadcrumbs which was good but didn't blow us away.
Erin and I shared chicken and waffles. The chicken was citrus brined and with white cheddar waffles and pineapple succotash. This was the first time I have had chicken and waffles and it was delicious but it's definitely a "once-a-year" type of decadent meal. Not something I can (or should) eat very often. The guys shared a filet mignon marinated in soy sauce and Worcestershire with fried pickles and some coleslaw type thing (it was the special so I didn't really hear the details). They said it was awesome.
I also got a housemade gingerale which tasted exactly like apple pie in liquid form. It was so good! Seriously, a scoop of ice cream in it would have been crazy!
The quote of the night was when Erin said "If I could only live on one food group for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican." I had a good laugh at that because, really, isn't Mexican food its own group? At least, it should be! Haha!

Then, because we hadn't eaten enough (hence the "suck it in" part of this post title), we went to the new Yogurtland that just opened up by our house. You guys - when I saw that Yogurtland was opening by us, I was like "Yes!" and then I was like "Ohhhhh, no." I will take Yogurtland over any ice cream (except Häagen-Dazs chocolate peanut butter) any day. If you were wondering what the best combo is, try this: plain tart yogurt + fresh blueberries + crushed Oreos + coconut. It is so incredibly delicious.
Thanks for being our friends, Erin and Steve, and for loving food as much as us.


  1. Ooh yummy! My ex-boss said that I should marry a guy who takes me out for dinner 3 times a week because good food makes me happy. It's true! But now I cook our meals almost every night and Halmstad is no culinary center :)

  2. You ARE right. She's a babe! You both are :) That place looks awesome! I'm so going to try chicken and waffles now. I think they have them at D bar. We've gots to find a recipe for homemade gingerale! How is that even possible?!? I might even add some ice cream to it.

  3. I'm blushing right now-- out of flattery that you called me "pretty" and embarrassment for my air headed comment! But really, mexican food might as well be its own food group, right??? It's pretty much my main diet! Liz, I always love hanging out with you guys because you love food as much as we do and we always have great conversations and lots of laughs! Lets do it again soon! Next time, lets try Federal Pizza!


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