June 5, 2013

according to my iphone

I'm going to be a total lemming here and start doing some "according to my iPhone" posts. I love to use my nice camera to take pictures but I don't love lugging that thing around and I always have my phone on me for "of the moment" pictures. So, here's a few photos I took lately that resemble my life lately and make me happy. We've had a lot of family in town this week, including my niece who is about to leave for her mission next month + my sister, Heidi, and her kids from Georgia + Christian and Stephanie. We all went to the temple together and then went to Tia Rosa's afterward (obviously).
My menu planning for last week. I know some people like to do their menu planning for the whole month but there's just no way I can commit to that many meals! I am too fickle with what I eat!
Summers in Arizona are hot (duh!) but being able to swim well into the evening is an awesome perk. We had a great time swimming with cousins the other night. Claire and Jane even had their mermaid tails on and I had to laugh remembering my summers in the pool at their age (imagine recreating this scene over and over again).
William loves to dress up in his cowboy garb and walk around the house saying "howdy" and "yee-haw" but the other morning, after I had just returned home from the gym, he brought me his hat and bandanna and demanded to take a picture of me. I obliged. Ha!
David's boss had us over for a swim party at their house and William ran off to play with the other kids as soon as we got there. They had a lot of fun toys but there were only girls there so he was outnumbered. About an hour after we arrived William came up to me, handed me a pink dress and asked me to put it on him so he could "be a princess". I stifled a laugh, put it on him and sent him outside so I could see David's reaction. He didn't make a big deal about it and William had a good time playing with the girls for a while. Oh boy.
He also has been loving dressing up with his cousins and the other day, he walked in with this wig on and I died. I didn't get a good shot of the mullet in the back but trust me, it was awesome. sidenote: I'm pretty sure William is going to hate me for posting these pictures when he's a teenager - sorry buddy! You were just too cute!
My mom made homemade bread the other day and used the leftover dough to make "scones" which, in my family, is basically fried bread dough that you coat in powdered sugar. Long lived childhood memory!
William started his first swimming lesson the other day. It took 2 hours to get him to put his swim suit on, 15 minutes (of the 30 minute lesson) to go inside the gate and 10 minutes for him to put his feet in the water. Hoping he does better as time goes on!
With all our family in town, we had Sunday dinner last week. As we all knelt down to pray before we ate, I took this picture to commemorate this special thing of kneeling and praying together as a huge family. It's something I never really appreciated that we did when I was growing up, but I'm realizing more and more how unique this is - and I'm so grateful.
My boy has gotten pretty good at riding his bike around the back patio in the afternoons. He also insists on wearing that green sweatshirt in the middle of the summer because "it might get cold, Mom!" Crazy kid!
My mom pulled out her guitar and started playing it for William the other day. She hasn't played it in a while and it brought back a rush of memories of The Sound of Music.


  1. Where did you find the menu planner? It is the cutest one I've ever seen! I love stuff like that!

    1. Thanks Beth! It's by Rifle Paper. :) I got it at Anthropologie a while ago.

    2. Thanks! Great excuse to stop by Anthropologie!

  2. I love it!!! Seriously the easiest way to journal random memories without having to dedicate a whole post.

  3. There is something super sweet about these little moments. Love it!

  4. My family makes the fried bread dough "scones" too! We even sometimes bought frozen roll dough just for that purpose- ha! Must be a Mormon thing.


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