April 2, 2013

cake smash

Watching your baby dig into their first birthday cake is really fun. Maybe it's because their fat, little hands get covered in frosting or because their chubby cheeks are smeared with lemony goodness that you just can't resist licking it off . . . is that weird? I've been off sugar too long. Ha! Anyway, I made Fritz a coconut lemon vanilla cake with lemon frosting (just a smaller version of the adult one I made minus the lemon curd - recipe later this week). He liked it and had quite a bit of it for a small fry.
We put him in his high chair and he squealed and begged for the cake while I got the candle in it and situated everything. Then he was just really pleased while we sang to him. Typical Fritz - always a smile on his face.
And then William came over to help. Mostly he took a few little licks and ran off to play again. I was hoping he would help Fritz really get in there but then again, William didn't even do that with his first smash cake so I don't know why I was expecting that.
 Happy Birthday sweet boy! I love you a million times over.


  1. Nothing better than a baby and their smash cake! Totally adorable!! And that cake looks amazing!! Can you make me one to smash too ;) The picture of fritz below he and William where he is making a kissy face looks exactly like you!! He is your mini me! Too too CUTE!

  2. so cute! love that backyard and the az weather about now! lemon cake added to the mix was I'm sure perfection! Congrats on a one year old!! :)

  3. Love this time of the year in Az and love that backyard/street! I'm sure your lemon cake made the evening complete perfection! :) Happy first birthday!!

  4. so cute! i really look forward to matilda smashing her cake. in 2,5 months. yikes! :)

  5. How adorable.... your boys are soooo cute!!


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