April 3, 2013

on the fritz: one year

I'm being a little repetetive here with posting about Frederick turning one but I wanted to do a little update about what this sweet boy is up to at one-year-old.
The best words to describe Fritz are:
- fearless
- active
- interested
- social
- happy

He loves: vegetables (especially zucchini), scrambled eggs (takes after his brother!) and his teddy bear.
His hobbies involve: smiling, tackling people, running really fast.
He does NOT like: reading books (sigh - we're working on it), getting his diaper changed and/or getting dressed or sitting in church (basically any activity that doesn't involve constant movement, he can do without).

Height: 31.75 inches (95%)
Weight: 22.5 pounds (45%)
Head: 18.74 inches (75%)

I love this sweet boy. It's been really fascinating to see how different his personality is from William's - just proof that each little person has their own unique spirit. Frederick is truly a happy soul. People constantly comment on his smile - it truly comes from within. Everyone can see that he is just happy to be alive. I often get really terrified that he will injure himself though. He is really curious with no sense of physical boundaries. He's a tough little boy though and bounces back up after falling down but I sometimes worry that he'll push that limit too far some day. Please be careful, Fritz! I love you so much!



    GOD bless you, sweet boy!

    Sunny greetings from Europe,

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Little Frederick!!! We love you!!!


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