February 13, 2013

two by two

About 6 months ago, my mom came to visit and she watched the boys one day so I could run errands alone. It was heavenly and I chose to go to . . . Goodwill. Ha! It is so hard to thrift shop with kids so I took advantage of the opportunity. As I picked up a few things to try on, I noticed a wooden Noah's ark in the corner of the toy section. I kind of gasped and tried not to walk too quickly over to where it was in case someone else noticed my excitement and got there first. It was old and sturdy. Had wheels, a fold-down bridge and a removable top - as I took it off, I gasped when I saw that it was FULL of wooden animals!
I was astounded that someone had donated this delightful toy and when I saw the price of $20, I think I seriously squealed and held on to it for dear life. I took it to the front desk and asked the clerk to hold it for me while I tried on some jeans in the dressing room. The whole time I was getting dressed, I had anxiety that someone was going to steal it. I ended up only trying on a couple of things because I was so worried about it (yes, I am ridiculous) and rushed to checkout. As I left the store, I felt like I had just won the jackpot and had a permasmile all the way home. When I showed it to my mom she flipped out too! She loves a good deal and neither of us could believe my luck.
I hid it in the garage in a garbage bag until Christmas and then on Christmas Eve, David and I scrubbed it and cleaned every nook and cranny before putting it under the tree for William. It's been a favorite toy in our house ever since. It gets played with every day and is easily one of the best toys I've ever bought.


  1. I love a good find at a thrift shop! This is so awesome, I hope to be so lucky someday!!

  2. It's perfect! I would have bought it as well! :)

  3. How cute!

    "...and tried not to walk too quickly over to where it was in case someone else noticed my excitement..." ha!! I do the same thing when I'm at a garage sale/estate sale, Goodwill, etc. :)


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