February 14, 2013

my perfect valentine

I know everyone thinks they have the best husband and I know that Valentine's Day is the day that we all declare that fact on our blogs. But seriously, you guys? I have the best husband for me. Here are five little known facts (unless you grew up with me and knew me when I was younger and more ridiculous than I am now) about me and why David is my perfect match:
taken by Harmony Pyper
1: I can be really dramatic. David is not dramatic at all. In fact, he is sometimes overly unemotional and let me tell you, I have been mad at him on more than one occasion for not being more animated about his feelings. Ha! Several of the guys I dated before David and I got married were very emotional like me, so our relationships were depressing cesspools of drama, crying and emotionally draining long conversations. Dating me in my early 20s was a real treat, let me tell you!

2: I tend to "get down" easily. The news? Forget it. I can't watch for 5 minutes without breaking into sobs (which is why it's banned from our house). David is Mr. Positive but, just like a good Eagle Scout should be, he's always prepared. He doesn't have his head in the clouds but he just has this general air of "everything is OK", which makes me feel very safe.

3: I am often too serious. Sometimes I am really opinionated (ahem) and often forget to laugh at myself when I do something stupid. David has this ability to do something just silly enough to make me laugh when I need it (like make up a random song, dance crazy, tickle me, etc.), I don't always appreciate it right away but I love that his presence in my life brings fun and much-needed silliness. I also tend to worry and David is really great at staying calm and relaxed. When I fell when I was pregnant with Fritz, they took me in an ambulance to the hospital and David met me there. When he walked in, he smiled at me and seemed like it was no big deal even though his very pregnant wife was in a neck brace. Trust me - he was worried but he didn't show it and it turns out that his carefree attitude was what I needed to help me feel like it was all going to be alright.

4: I pick fights. In the 8 years that I have known David I have never heard him yell or get angry. I have seen him upset but his version of "upset" is usually being quiet or needing time to himself. He is the ultimate peacemaker. Thank goodness.

Generally David has mellowed me out a whole lot during our time together. I know I just pointed out a bunch of awful things about me and focused on David's strong points. Thankfully I have some pretty great characteristics too (right honey?) that I think really compliment David's weaknesses. I am really grateful for his continual love, kindness, enthusiasm for life, confidence in himself, me and our marriage. We are really lucky to have one another. Happy Valentine's Day you wonderful man, you.


  1. I loved this!! The picture and the post :) I think it is so important for couples to have photos of just them together, even after the wedding. And I love that you pointed out the balance in your relationship, even if it admitted some of your flaws. Happy Valentines to you!

  2. Yes, very sweet. It is great having someone who evens you out. Great picture, too. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Haha, I am glad I am not the only one with a serious personality. My two best girlfriends and I have very, very serious personalities and all of our husbands are chill -- it's so important for weakness to be strengths and vice versa! Happy V Day!

  4. What a sweet post for Valentine's Day! I would say that my husband balances me out (and vice versa) as well.. that's a nice combination!


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