February 12, 2013

on the fritz: ten months

This weekend my in-laws took William to their house so I could really focus on packing up and he was in 7th heaven as well. It's a win-win when he goes to their house because he gets showered with attention, plays all day long with "his toys" and has lots of fun playing with his grandparents and aunts. I think they love it too. We will miss living so close to them.
This little reprieve has given me an opportunity not only to pack, but also to spend some quality time with my little Fritz. It's been heavenly to give him so much attention and to snuggle, kiss, feed in silence and . . . run errands! Holy cow - why didn't I appreciate how much easier it is to go to Costco with one kid? I love Frederick so much. He is the best baby! Quick to smile at everyone, cheerful and generally just really happy to be alive. When we're out in public, people comment on his friendly personality. He tries to catch anyone's eye and will grin as soon as they look in his direction. It makes strangers melt and my mama heart often pitter-patters when he does it to me too - I get it, elderly lady in the canned soup aisle. I get it! He's really darling and I adore him so, so much.
at ten months:
He is walking all over the place at a rapid speed.
He squeals and jibber-jabbers all day.
He follows William around the house and wants to be anywhere he is.
He loves to wrestle. Little kids, big kids, mommies, dogs . . . you name it, he'll challenge them to a wrestling match. Beware: he plays dirty and is not above really painful hair pulling.
He still nurses but it's a struggle to get him to be still enough for it to happen (he requires complete darkness, silence and no movement from me) but also loves a bottle and almost all food.
He is a mama's boy. If I'm in the room, he wants to be either in my arms or within a few feet. It's sweet but kinda hard sometimes when he won't go to anyone else. He'll smile at you, but probably not let you hold him as long as I'm there.
He loves music and dances (a.k.a. kicks his feet or bounces up and down) whenever I play the piano or turn on music to clean.

Photos taken by Harmony Pyper


  1. Oh I can't stand it! Those pictures make me want to eat him! :) I can't wait to mug on him!

  2. Oh sweet Fritz-ee-pooh!!! His smile is my favorite :)

  3. He's so big! I haven't seen him since he just grew right up! What a sweet guy. ;)

  4. I sure am going to miss his bubbly personality when you move! I love those photos of him. He's got such a sweet face.

  5. Yes, he sure is the best Fritz-baby ever!!!

  6. Thank you so much for including the link to my website!!! I really enjoyed meeting you and your beautiful family!!!


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