February 25, 2013

random weekend thoughts

Fritz has had killer diaper rash lately so I stripped him down to nothing on Sunday afternoon and let him air out. Then he pooped on my pants (note the evidence in the pictures) and later peed all over the floor. I don't even care because he's been in so much pain and this was the first time he was really happy in two days. Also, my entire house is filthy from top to bottom so what's a few more bodily fluids?
Also, William doesn't take naps anymore (sob) but this chair is pretty much the only place he does naps these days. He was apparently pretty tired from waking me up at 3 a.m. last night.
Our kitchen is almost all packed so it's been a huge event to prepare meals. We have no cups, bowls or pans but I finally made dinner (one of my favorite healthy meals ever) on Sunday. I still had my wok out and I served it up in a pie pan but at least it wasn't cold cereal (again)! We ate on a blanket in the backyard because we sold our dining table and our kitchen is covered in boxes. I think the boys thought it was pretty fun so it was a win in my book.


  1. hehe, you really let fritz air it out! :) going with the wind.. ;) ok, i'm silly, also being woken up at 3 am..

    sending you a lot of strength for packing up everything, beautiful lizzy.

    many hugs, senja

  2. The question is, what was for dinner?

  3. Poor Fritz! That stupid bum rash was heartbreaking. You're amazing...throwing together dinner in a pie plate :)

  4. Love that picture of William taking a bite there at the end. I wish I could help somehow, but my own capabilities are a little limited at the moment. Good luck with everything!


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