February 26, 2013

never say never

This has been a rough few weeks with William because he's really feeling the affects and stress of moving but boy, is he cute. In between the time-outs and stuff he's been super cute so I thought I'd do a little update on the funny/cute things he's been doing lately. I don't want to forget this adorable three-year-old stage.
- A lot of kids will kick or scream when they're in time-out or when they're mad. I have the hardest time keeping a straight face with William when he is upset because his reaction to being in trouble is to walk away, look back at me and scream "NEVER!" Oh, I love him.
- His favorite thing to do is to have dog picnics. All. Day. Long. He asks to have his blanket laid out with all his stuffed dogs (which the current count is about a million) and usually a few pieces of cheese to share with said dogs. It's pretty cute. 
- An imaginary friend has joined our family. It's . . . a dog! Surprise, surprise. When we get in and out of the car, the dog has to get in too. When William has a cracker, the dogs needs a cracker too. When William needs a drink, so does doggy. His name changes every few days but it always remains a dog.
- He is really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and he's watched a LOT of it lately. Of course, he loves Goofy the most because, well, he's a dog. Duh. :)
- He is a really determined fellow. I saw this pin and it was really helpful for me to recognize what William's primary need is: new experience with my support. That makes so much sense! As I've been trying to implement doing more new activities and getting out and letting him do things without my assistance, I've noticed such an improvement in his behavior. He is going to thrive in preschool and I can't wait! 
- One of the best ways for me to improve our day is to give him chores to do. Sounds crazy but when he has a purpose and he gets to accomplish something, it makes his day. His favorite thing to do is wash something in the sink - lately his dishes. He likes to push the chair to the sink and scrub his plate without help and he actually does a really good job! I am pleasantly surprised. He also very much enjoys cleaning the floors. He is his father's son.
- Potty training is going great! I pretty much didn't have to do anything because he was ready and it is such a relief to be down to only one child in diapers. Go Will!

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  1. I have two boys just about the same age as your two little guys and there have been so many posts where I felt like we were experiencing the exact same thing (your post-partum post was seriously an answer to prayers)! So thank you for sharing and helping me out! I just re-pinned that pin and my Benton is totally "The Determined Child" as well. Such a great reminder/insight into these little (or shall I say big?) personalities!


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