February 11, 2013

heart beats

This weekend some friends hosted a valentine's party and we had a valentine exchange. I knew that candy and sweets are pretty common so instead I made a love mix (inspired by this on Design Mom)! I used to be really hip with music. Roommates and friends would come to me for "what's cool and new" but I'm really behind the times now. Oh well, I'm a mom and let's face it - I listen to NPR these days. :) You can print off a similar free printable here (I designed my own because I wanted to customize it a bit).

In case you can't see the playlist, here's the songs:
1. Need Your Love - The Temper Trap
2. Count On Me - Bruno Mars
3. Crazy Love - Mindy Gledhill
4. The Woman I Love - Jason Mraz
5. If My Heart Was A House - Owl City
6. Think of Me - Rosi Golan
7. Only Love - Ben Howard
8. Be Mine - David Gray
9. Let It Be Me - Ray LaMontagne
10. I Don't Know What To Do - Pete Yorn + Scarlett Johansson
11. And Then You - Greg Laswell
12. Make You Feel My Love - Adele


  1. In my mind, you're still the best cd maker around. All my good tunes came from you!

  2. What a fun Valentine for a group! I seriously just made a playlist this weekend for my husband for Valentine's Day and put it up on my blog. I wish I had seen yours first - there are a couple I really wish I could have included! But, we do have a little bit of overlap (Ray LaMontagne).


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