February 9, 2013

my baby love

I am a baby person, always have been. A lot of people struggle with the baby phase but it's one of my favorite times ever and as Fritz gets older, I find myself craving more babies (what?!). The other day my friend, Jared, posted a link to his wife's blog post on Facebook. It was so "spot-on" with her description of what it feels like to love so intensely as a mom. Mom love is the best - I'm obsessed. I know some people think that motherhood isn't for them or that they don't want to give up their freedom, their body, their career, their life. But let me tell you something. Mothering is the most stressful, exhausting, body-altering, frustrating, terrifying thing I have ever done . . . but it is also THE BEST thing I have ever done. The best. The end.
"There's that axiom that you don't know what it will feel like to love someone so much. That's true. You could try though. For me it's like this. Imagine swimming in a newly liquid sky through puffy cartoon clouds and that your arms stretch so far you can pull the entire world into your chest and hug it tight toward you, and then you craugh, which is a word I just made up that combines a deep belly laugh stirred up with a long, cleansing cry. Now cover that in cheese, not nacho cheese in a can type crap, but real good, real sharp cheese that's so pricey you can only afford to buy a few ounces at a time. Mix in all the chemical electric neurological reactions you will ever feel, from endorphins, seratonin, dopamine. This feels like the emotional analogue to the most designer drug. I'm sure Freud would have a field day here. But Freud is a schmohawk. And he never met this baby." 
from Adrienne


  1. I love this- you've described so perfectly how I feel about mothering. Beautiful!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the nice writeup! It's funny, I just discovered your blog last month, and then, blam, there I am on it! Gracias!


  3. I'm one of those moms who struggles with the baby phase, sadly. My little girl is 5 months old now and I'm full of wanting her independence and wanting my body back and OMG PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU'RE CRYING so I can FIX IT. I work so hard to cherish these baby moments, to capture them, to enjoy the snuggles. And I do, and I know full well I'll miss them once they've moved on....but, ACK.
    Thank you for the reminder that these sweet days are so fleeting, and that under them is this soft, squooshy, lovey wonderfulness!

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  5. It is so nice to see such a positive and gushing declaration about motherhood! I am a baby person too. If I don't have a baby in my arms, I'm craving one. I really cherish this time with an intense gratitude. We are so blessed to be women and to be mothers!

  6. I love the baby phase too. Such a great post (from you and Adrienne). :)


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