November 14, 2012

pecos will

David took William to the rodeo in his hometown last weekend. I died as William came out all dressed up in his cowboy garb ready to head off with the other cowboys. He's been going through a cute cowboy phase ever since we got back from the ranch. My mom gave him this red bandanna when they were walking around the dusty roads of Bluewater and he wore it for a solid week after we got back.
The bandanna (or, as William calls it, "my cowboy"), my nephew's hand-me-down boots and a personalized sheriff's badge that we brought him back from Disneyland completed the outfit. Oh, and I guess you can't forget that pesky rope that he carries around all the time and tries to tie around Frederick's neck to pull him across the floor like a calf. It's awesome. But not.
Once they got to the rodeo my in-laws bought him his very own, real cowboy hat. I guess David tried to get him a cream colored one but he insisted that it had to be black. I thought that was funny. Then he got a big bag of popcorn and I think he was in heaven.
watching the rodeo with Aunt Beth.
I'm pretty sure he's the cutest cowboy ever. Unless you can call Tristan a cowboy . . . and in that case, he wins. :)


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