November 15, 2012

on the fritz: 7 months

Frederick is technically 7 1/2 months but better late than never! I took some photos of him on the bed the other day and William just had to climb up too! They really love each other! I just wish I was better at taking pictures - I stink at using my DSLR. I swear my iPhone pictures turn out better.
At this point Frederick is:
- in full-fledged crawling mode. All over the place. All the time.
- hating solid food, unless he can find it on the floor as he's crawling around. My floor has never been so clean! He gags whenever I try to feed him any kind of "baby food" but he will try things as long as he can hold them (steamed green beans, broccoli, squash, carrots).
- no teeth yet. It's weird for me because by this age William had a few teeth and was eating plenty of solid foods. I'm pretty sure that's why he won't eat much yet. It's nature's way maybe? I'm not worried.
- pulling himself to standing position. I swear he's going to walk earlier than William (who walked at 10 months).
- a champ sleeper. He's not perfect but I'm happy with 12 hours at night and two solid naps during the day.
- growing some hair! Finally! It has just a hint of redness to it but it's definitely brown.
- sweet as sweet can be. I love him incredibly!


  1. Oh goodness. That second picture is adorable. And I love his hair. He's starting to look like a toddler.

  2. Your boys are so cute! Love your new header. :)

  3. I can't get over how cute they both are!! Fritz is growing up so fast! Love them!

  4. William is SO BIG! WOW! That second picture is stinkin cute! What mode did you shoot these in? If it was anything other than auto, I would suggest that you adjust your White Balance. That will get rid of the yellow/orange tint!

  5. Liz, those are the cutest pictures. I love my grandkids!

  6. Liz, What cute pictures! I love my grandkids!!!!

  7. Liz, What cute pictures! I love my grandkids!!!!

  8. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!! I love the second, so cute!

  9. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.! I love the second picture, so cute and fun!


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