November 13, 2012

manly man stocking stuffers

I'm getting started on my Christmas list (can you believe it?) and found a few good ideas for dudes. Too bad David reads my blog. I guess I won't be getting him anything on here . . . or will I? I guess you'll just have to wait and see, honey! Anyway, here's a few ideas to help Santa stuff the stocking for the man in your life. P.S. some of these won't technically fit in a stocking but sometimes it's OK to set it next to the stocking. :)
1. Maptote Dopp Kit (cause doesn't he need this for a weekend getaway?)
2. Everlane Slim Belt + Buckle (I bought this for David and it adds a great pop of red to his outfit)
3. Roland Pine Soap (mmmm, I bet this would smell delightful)
4. Shaving Vials Kit (adorable little vials of popular shaving products)
5. Kiehl's Facial Fuel with SPF (a non-oily moisturizer to protect your guy's skin)
6. Plaid iPhone Sleeve (with a leather strap to hold earphones)
7. Moleskin Luggage Tag (simple and classic)
8. Bacon Beans (because it's funny and possibly delicious)
9. Chambray + Plaid Bowtie (for looking sharp)
10. Leather Nail Tool Bag (is there anything more manly than a man wearing a tool bag?)
11. Redwood Burl iPhone Skin (a rugged iPhone case to compliment his scruff)

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