August 13, 2012

up in the pines

After we went to the ranch we spent a few days in Pinetop at the cabin (this time, David's family cabin). It was exceptionally green and lovely this year. I've been craving a good monsoon and this trip did not disappoint. We had a thunderstorm almost every day! Ahhhh, heavenly. We took a beautiful drive up to Paradise Creek for a picnic and when we walked down to our spot, I felt like I had stepped into a picture. I've been to this spot many, many times but this year was especially lush. Literally seconds after we laid out the blankets and the food, it started to rain. The rest of David's family braved the rain under a nearby tree for about an hour but I didn't want Frederick to get too wet or cold so we hung out in the truck with my good old iPhone and Seven Little Words while I nursed. There's something so peaceful about hearing rain pitter-patter on the roof of a car in the woods. I love it.
William played in the rain in his (finally) appropriate rain boots. He also insisted on wearing his "cowboy" (the red bandanna my mom gave him at the ranch) at every opportunity. 
He hammocked with Grandma Cindy and they talked about what animals climb trees and other philosophies of life.
We relaxed on the deck and watched the squirrels and golfers play on the course. 
Fritz did big exercising on this adorable vintage quilt. Isn't it awesome? I wanted to take it home with me.
And of course, we watched the Olympics. I died laughing when I looked over at David holding Fritz and saw their identical faces watching the screen. Ha!

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