August 14, 2012

fritz's first swim

Last week the temperature in our house was 85 degrees by late afternoon. I was in such a rotten mood and so were my boys. Fritz was so tired and restless because he was sweaty while trying to sleep. Finally I had a brilliant idea the other day to put him in a lukewarm bath. As soon as I put him in the water, he started squealing and kicking with delight. I've honestly never seen him so happy. I laid him on his back in only about an inch of water and I swear he thought he was doing the back stroke. I would pull his legs down to the bottom end of the tub and he would move his arms and kick his legs to push off towards the front end of the tub. I did this about 15 times and he was so happy. Watch out Michael Phelps! 23 medals, here comes Fritz Bryant!

We've spent plenty of time at the pool this summer since Fritz was born but I've never taken him in the water for fear that he was too young (have any of you swam with infants?) So, this weekend we mooched off a friend and used their pool. I think it's safe to say that he likes water.
Oh my heavens, I love this baby too much.


  1. Oh my, I guess we didn't know any better because we had our babies in the pool from early on! Of course back then they even had baby swim classes. Your Fritz is sure a cutie!

  2. We have a pool and my grandbabies have started swimming as soon as their mothers were allowed in the pool. They all loved being held close in the warm water. We live in Washington State so our season is very short, so when the babies are little I just bump the heat up a bit and let them enjoy. I noticed that it does help the new mommy also since we do not have air conditioning and our temps can reach into the low 100's. My youngest grandson came out a swimmer I swear. His mother is a teacher and she taught swim lessons to suppliment her substitute teaching job while pregnant with him. He started in the pool at just a few weeks old and he still loves it at three. By starting them early you may be able to avoid fear, making swimming lessons much more enjoyable for everyone involved You are doing great.


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