August 9, 2012

i'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!

We've recently had some unusually hot weather here in San Diego - as in, close to 90 degrees. The horror! We don't have air conditioning so you're allowed to feel somewhat sorry for me. It's still lovely at night so we opened the windows and I decided it was smart to close all the windows and blinds around 9 a.m. to keep all that cool air inside during the day. Great idea, right? Wrong. It just made the entire house stuffy and awful. Around 3 p.m. I couldn't take it anymore and opened the door. A gust of fresh, cool air greeted me and I immediately opened all the windows and doors and took the boys out to play in the baby pool. I stripped William down to nothing and let him roam around while I squirted him with the hose and took pictures of Fritz on the blanket.
So, it does get hot in San Diego but it's still paradise. Here's the thing. Last week, as we were driving through Mesa on the way home from our ranch/cabin trip, we stopped at Tia Rosa's for some tacos at lunch time. As we got out of the car I felt myself turn into the Wicked Witch of the West (I'm melllllttttiiinnngggg!) That's what the heat does to me. It turns me into a witch. I'm sweaty, short-tempered, claustrophobic and cranky when it's hot. I'm the type that would much rather be cold than hot so living in Arizona is not for me. I have fond memories of growing up there but mostly because I have a great family and friends. Don't get me wrong - I'm not bashing living in Arizona for everyone. Just me. I know that there are people who don't mind the heat. In fact, there are amazing folks who enjoy it (some of those people are even in my family)! To those people, I say - cheers. I wish I could just move all my family and closest friends to San Diego. Now, that would be paradise!


  1. ....and that is why I live in Flagstaff. Although, San Diego is our favorite place to vacation.

  2. I get cranky, short-tempered, and ANGRY when it's COLD!! Utah winters are death for me. But I love the dramatic changing of the seasons here. If only winter only lasted about two months. I like feeling warm. But as I get older the Arizona summers do feel worse and worse. So yeah, I guess I should be living in San Diego...

  3. I can totally relate to that personality change with the heat! Unfortunately, we live in Indiana, and it's been about 102 all summer. AWFUL. My garden is a mess this year because I've wimped out of weeding it in that kind of weather, and let's just say I'm ready for my kids to go back to school to alleviate the cabin fever!

  4. Oh Liz, this post made me laugh. Moving from Cali to AZ during my third trimester this summer has been awful. I was so spoiled living by the beach and miss it terribly. Shawn quickly learned that in order to avoid my cranky "I'm melting" mood he either needs to turn the air down or feed me. It works like a charm every time. :)


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