August 22, 2012

modern amsterdame

So, I have this habit of making room boards whenever I have the chance. Since I don't have an endless supply of money, I just have to window shop online and imagine how I would decorate a room if I could. It's really fun . . . except when it's not because I can't buy anything in real life. I really need a girl. Or a friend who is having a girl who wants me to decorate her nursery. Don't get me wrong. I had a great time styling Will's and Fritz's rooms but girl stuff is just crazy cute.
1. Schumacher Imperial Trellis Pillow and Berry Fleur Chinoise Pillow
2. Amsterdam Canal Houses Print
3. Honeycomb Glass Pendant
4. You Are Loved Print
5. Industrial Task Lamp (in Turmeric) 
6. Pink and White Stripe Crib Sheet
7. Cat Rattle
8. Mint Green Changing Table Cabinet
9. Ferris Wheel Nightlight
10. French White Crib
11. Dorel Rocker
12. Trina Turk Vivacious Pink Rug
13. Reims Robin's Egg Blue Storage Ottoman
14. Orange and Pink Ikat Fabric (for crib skirt)
15. Alice In Wonderland book
Wall Color: Farrow and Ball - Cabbage White


  1. Love this! The colors are amazing together! How do you make boards like this? With Photoshop? I have been trying to figure that out for a while now.

  2. Love it all. I have a running list of things I want for my apartment in my head and then we pay our students loans and it goes back to being a wish list!

  3. I want you to have a girl too. :)

  4. I second Alices comment! When you do have a girl-- she will have the best wardrobe and the cutest room!! I want a girl too... but I'm starting to think I might have all boys... (that's not an announcement by the way. I'm NOT pregnant.)

  5. Well if you're looking for something to do.... you can design my whole house. This is just soooooo gorgeous!

  6. seriously gorgeous. i love your style! i wish i had any sort of budget for redecorating, i'm having baby #2 (a girl!) in 2 months and would LOVE to do something like this. :)

  7. Soooo perfectly lovely & girly! I love it all, especially the Amsterdam print, the mint green changing table, and the ferris wheel nightlight. OOOOH and that pendant lamp! You have a gift, my friend. Many gifts, actually! :)

  8. Beautiful room! Perfection indeed. We REALLY need daughters Liz!

  9. since I am too lazy to comment on each post I have to say you are beautiful! Your kids are adorable! You have the cutest family and home! I LOVE this nursery board! So cute! And yes, you must have a girl because your boys are too dang cute not to see what a female version of you and David would be!

  10. love, love, love this nursery with all the colors :)

  11. Oh, I wish you would make the same board but for an 8 year old girl. The colors are great as she loves's her favorite color.

  12. Ooh I have the second item in my kitchen!! It's the actual print not a copy and I begged for it for my Birthday! I love all her work. This has inspired me to use the print in my 3 year old daughters bedroom! Thank you!!

  13. Ooh I have the second one on your list in my kitchen! I have the actual print with her stitching on it. I love all her work. You've inspired me to use this board and the painting in my 3 year old daughter's room! Thanks!


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