August 26, 2012

smiling's my favorite

I haven't done an update on William in a while. He is turning three in a couple of months and David and I were talking about how next year he'll be in Primary. That seems so crazy to me! I look at my little boy (who is not so very little anymore) and think, "Oh heavens, you are cute." He does and says the funniest things and it gives me mommy butterflies.
- he loves to sing. I was worried he wasn't very musical but it turns out he loves to sing. All day long he will build his blocks and sing "Old Mac Donald" or "I Am A Child of God" or "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" to himself and he has pretty good pitch. Maybe there's some hope after all! :)
- his favorite book right now is I Stink! about the garbage truck. He likes to take it with him everywhere (we only checked it out from the library - I guess I should buy it!) and calls it "my stinky book". He also enjoys to quote lines from it - "Beep! Beep! Heeeyyy! Beep! Beep! Outta my wayyy!"
- he loves racing with David after work. It usually involves running laps around the orange trees in our backyard and onto the patio several times while laughing hysterically. He pretty much enjoys doing anything in the backyard with David when he's home (playing in the sandbox, chasing lizards, feeding bread to the birds, watering the plants, blowing bubbles, drawing on the sidewalk, playing with his dump trucks).
- his favorite foods are scrambled eggs, cottage cheese (yes, still), hot dogs, blueberries, cheese, chicken (pretty much any meats), bread, applesauce, chocolate milk, pizza . . . he'll eat most things. In fact, he gobbled up all the green beans at dinner tonight. I'm so glad he's not very picky and boy, does he eat! My boys are going to eat us broke when they're teenagers!
- he thinks everything Fritz does is hilarious. The times when he laughs the hardest (and I mean veins popping out of his neck laughing) is when Fritz sneezes or his newborn head bobs around uncontrollably. I don't get what's so funny but it makes me laugh. He also loves to kiss and hug him and does often throughout the day whenever the urge strikes. It makes me melt.
- he is absolutely in LOVE with dogs. The joy that comes to his face when he's around a dog almost makes me want one. The other day I asked him what he wanted to name his dog if we got one. He said, "Arnie." So that's that.


  1. ...and then one day you will break down and get a dog! But maybe only if he tells you his life is ruined because he is a boy without a dog. haha

    1. Haha! Which of your boys said that? It had to be Tate. Or Cole. Or Brett. :)


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