August 21, 2012

fritz at 4 months

My Frederick is growing so fast. I feel like he's growing at turbo speed - much faster than William did! Is time just generally going faster than it did a few years ago? Sure feels like it. (And when did I start complaining about time passing by like an old lady?) Anyway, here's some fun facts about this age for posterity's sake:

He rolls all around the place and if I lay him on a blanket on the floor, it's only a matter of minutes until he's several feet away. He also scoots and pushes with a lot of strength from his toes to get moving.
it's OK to snooze during Sunday School when you look as sweet as this.
He thinks big bro, Will, is the funniest clown he's ever seen. These two boys have a lot of laughing ahead of them in the future, I think. It makes my mama heart happy.
some "mom+baby time" during nap time.
He's very tall (just like William was/is). A few weeks ago at his 4 month check up he was 27 inches long (99%) and weighed 16 pounds (73%). He's a strapping lad.
still loves the swaddle.
He has the most contagious little giggle. I know that baby laughs are all pretty impossibly contagious but his is so jolly. I just love doing the most ridiculous things to make him smile, which doesn't take much. He's incredibly social and if anyone looks his way with a cheerful glance, he immediately slaps on the biggest grin you've ever seen. I love him so.


  1. It's striking to me HOW MUCH your boys look alike!!!

  2. Goodness....your boys are adorable!!


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