July 13, 2012

the sound of music

There's this song book all the members in my family grew up with. It's called "My Picture Book of Songs" (or known as "The Big Yellow Songbook" in our home growing up). Don't ask me how you can get one because I don't know if you can. If you don't have it, I'm so very sorry. It's filled with songs like "Jumbo Elephant", "Pitter Pat" (my favorite as a child), "Choo! Choo! Choo!" (William's favorite), "Dolly's Lullaby" and a different song for every holiday. It's magical.
I remember sitting on my mother's lap (and older siblings' laps) and bouncing up and down on one knee as the foot pedal was used. I loved to put my hands on top of my mom's hands and pretend like I was playing along. Now I do this with my boys and I love it (though, admittedly it's hard with Fritz's head bobbing around now and then). 

My mother's mother was a spectacular pianist (among many other talents) and had ten children. As far as I know, her children only play the piano a little bit, if at all. My mother can slowly make her way through some easy songs but she always loved having music in our home. She had eleven children and we were required to take piano lessons until we were proficient. I once asked her as a child why she wasn't better at playing the piano since her mother was so excellent at it. She explained that her mother's mother really pushed it and so she didn't force her children to play. I think my mom would like to be able play the piano a little better, which is why I think she encouraged it so much in our home. I can play the piano decently (not nearly as well as I used to be able to) but I hope that I can encourage our children to learn. I don't want it to skip another generation. I crave to have our home filled with the sound of music like mine was.

Do you play any instruments? I've wanted to learn to play the accordion after my trip to Paris in high school when I heard a man play it in the train station.


  1. Our family had that very same book. :)

  2. I found it! I hope it's the same one.


  3. That's it! Thanks for sharing the link Barb! I'm so glad that Deseret Book will be selling this!

  4. Once I discovered I could buy more for friends for gifts, I unbound my book and framed a bunch of the pictures in my baby room. LOVE that book! (and the art.)

  5. I'm a music teacher and that's EXACTLY the type of home I wish for all of my students. One where music is encouraged and the exposure is there as a completely normal everyday activity. Kudos to you and bringing the joy of music to your kiddos!


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