July 16, 2012

will the comedian

This boy has been cracking me up lately. He says the best things. I hope he knows how much I love him because I'm sure it's been hard on him to have my affections focused on the new kid on the block. Even still, he's handled our new life situation pretty swell and keeps me laughing and shaking my head throughout the day at the funny/cute things he does and says.
A few memories: 
The other day I told him that I was going to put Fritz down for a nap so I wanted him to play with his toys in the living room with a movie on. He ran into the room, saluted me and said, "Yes sir!" What in the world?!

He likes to shush Fritz in the car (the poor baby hates being in his car seat and screams from our house to every destination) and says, "It's ok baby. We're going to _________ (the park, the gym, Costco)." Like he cares, but it's really sweet. 

Instead of saying "no" when he doesn't want to do something (i.e. take a nap, go potty, stop laying on top of Fritz) he says "Sorry Mom". Sometimes he says it with such fierceness that it makes me laugh really hard. 

My favorite thing that he does is he grabs his backpack, puts one or two toys inside, kisses me, goes to the door and says, "Goodbye Mom. See you later. I love you!", and proceeds to go out to the garage, get in his truck and "drive away". Don't worry. I watch him from the front window the whole time.


  1. (This is my second comment because I don't think my first one went through..) That's really cute and sweet about your little boy. I don't have any kids yet myself, but my sister in law, her husband and their 8 month old baby girl are staying with us and it's really fun having the baby in the house. I know she's just learning to pull up on her own and reach for stuff but it's still really cute. It's crazy to think how big she's gotten. I feel like I was just at the hospital yesterday seeing my niece for the first time!

  2. This is such a fun age! What a little crack up! So funny!

  3. That is hilarious that he says, "Sorry mom," because my 3 1/2 year old says the exact same thing when he doesn't want to do something. Hey, it sure beats hearing, "no," umpteen times a day!

    1. Haha! I totally agree. It's pretty cute when he says it and I much prefer it to "NO!" Funny to hear that your son does the same thing!


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