July 6, 2012

patriotic picture post

Ashley sent me these pictures of our 4th of July day and, even though I already posted about that, I just had to put up these pictures too. They are too cute to not document for my blog book.
out to dinner at Blue Water - remind me to never stand by Ashley in a picture!
waiting for the parade to start
family photo - Marcus looks too cool for school.
Fritz loves his pops.
By the way, does anyone just love a Blog-to-Book company? I've only used Blurb and it was just OK. I felt like I spent hours and hours formatting it to look right. Tips anyone?


  1. You are so pretty!! How do you give your hair such volume in the back? I'm envious.

  2. so great photos! :) and i love the new website layout!

  3. I tried using Blurb and could never figure it out and was getting mad. So when you find a good one, please share cause I have years I need to get printed. I better start soon before it's more overwhelming than it already is.

  4. I have seen some bloggers use different companies.

    Katie uses Blog2Print: http://therowefam.blogspot.com/2012/06/big-day-blog-book.html


    I know others that used Blurb and said the same thing. I don't love them but use them sometimes for photo books.

    I haven't done one, but think they are pretty cool. Good luck.

  5. Oh and I wanted to say you look fantastic. Keep up the good work.


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